Customer aftercare integrations

Reservation, Sales Progression & Aftercare all in one seamless user journey!

Why end a flawless process at the point of exchange with Yourkeys when you can continue a seamless customer journey far after completion takes place? Give clients full assurance and make them feel valued from start to finish by also giving them complete control of any post-completion snags with Clixifix!

Over 1M defects identified, reported and resolved across 200,000 properties

Let your customers stay in control by allocating their preferred tradespeople & choosing their appointment dates!

A complete digital journey from start to finish, with users being kept up to date on post completion snags and repairs every step of the way

Leads, reservation, sales progression and aftercare all in one seamless user journey

What if I use a different aftercare platform?

No problem, get in touch to see how we can integrate.

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