Housebuilders - digitise your property sales process with Yourkeys software

Yourkeys manages the sale of your new build properties, streamlining the journey from reservation through to exchange and completion.

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Key benefits to Housebuilders

Onboard buyers in minutes

Buyers can reserve their property within 25 minutes - an 83% improvement on the industry average of 2.5 hours

sales progression

Reduce time spent chasing sales progression updates by ~50% per plot with 50 dynamic milestones updated in your CRM

time to exchange

With a 35% reduction on time to exchange - 17 days on average, you can improve the home buying process for your customers

customer satisfaction

With 19.3% reduction in cancellations, Yourkeys can ensure your customers stay engaged and excited from reservation

Reservation Engine & Buyer Portal

A complete white-labelled toolkit for processing reservations remotely as well as in person

  • B396E1C1-00E8-47A7-AD7F-F8A636F8C644 Yourkeys saves weeks of unnecessary delays by automatically completing all the necessary documentation and required compliance checks in an integrated workflow that allows your buyer to sign and pay their reservation fees in one smooth digital process.
  • B396E1C1-00E8-47A7-AD7F-F8A636F8C644 Your buyer can choose from hundreds of integrated conveyancers & mortgage brokers who receive the reservation information directly into their workflow.

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Sales Progression Portal

Track sales progression in real-time with optimised workflows

  • B396E1C1-00E8-47A7-AD7F-F8A636F8C644 Integrated into hundreds of conveyancers for real-time sales progression tracking.
  • B396E1C1-00E8-47A7-AD7F-F8A636F8C644 Integrated into over 400 mortgage brokers for real-time mortgage application tracking.
  • B396E1C1-00E8-47A7-AD7F-F8A636F8C644 Manually update progression milestones if your conveyancer or broker isn’t integrated. We notify your clients every time you log an update so they are informed every step of the way.

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Anti Money Laundering Solution

A portal for your buyers to complete tasks and run ID checks throughout the sales life cycle

  • B396E1C1-00E8-47A7-AD7F-F8A636F8C644 An average of £16,000 saved with all AML tools in one place, as opposed to using services directly.
  • B396E1C1-00E8-47A7-AD7F-F8A636F8C644 Compliant ID checks can be completed in minutes by your buyers from their personal device
  • B396E1C1-00E8-47A7-AD7F-F8A636F8C644 4500+ forms of documentation accepted from 195+ countries - ideal for international buyers

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What housebuilders are saying about us...

“Yourkeys is brilliant for our buyers, we pre-fill some information about the reservation, and then send the buyers a link to do their tasks, it’s really easy and our buyers love it.”

– Rebecca Littler, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Hill

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