Yourkeys to launch 1,000 units using new “Reservation-Engine” in Q1 2020

PropTech innovator Yourkeys are automating how people buy new-build properties in January and drag the process into the 21st century once and for all.  Their new ‘Reservation Engine’ technology completes all of the due-diligence, forms and checks needed for a purchase in minutes, getting people into their new-build homes faster than ever before.

With the fall-through rate on reservations reaching up to 50% in 2018, Yourkeys and their clients, over a dozen major housebuilders, are using clever technology and smart integrations to accelerate the time to exchange of contracts dramatically. They do this by automatically pulling together over 200 sets of verified, reliable data about the home and the buyer in real-time, which allows the conveyancers and mortgage brokers to proceed immediately. The industry average for getting to exchange is 60+ days, Yourkeys aims to do it in less than 10 days.

This is a welcome change to an industry that has come under incredible scrutiny in recent years to rectify its processes, improve the customer journey and reduce the number of lost fees. 29-year-old CEO Riccardo Iannucci-Dawson is the entrepreneur behind the magic of Yourkeys.  Already a winner of the coveted Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Dawson is challenging the status quo and delivering a new tool that can fundamentally change how House Builders, Developers, and Estate Agents sell their new build properties.

Yourkeys have been working closely for the last 12 months with some of the country’s top property experts working to improve the process, including the Home Buying and Selling Group (HBSG) and the Conveyancing Association.

Dawson came up with the idea for Yourkeys while working as a Sales Director for a well-known House Builder. He says: “Yourkeys is the result of lots of talented people with a shared vision for making the process better. The Reservation engine is the start of the journey for us, we’re currently focussed on the new-build sector, but we’ll be launching our product to the second-hand market in 2020. People are looking for several things when they buy a home: transparency, information, and a pleasant customer journey.  Yourkeys delivers all three and also accelerates the time to exchange of contracts dramatically.  Our mission? Make the buying and selling process easier, faster and enjoyable – that’s what drives us!”

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