Yourkeys makes house sales history by regularly achieving exchange of contracts in just 7 days!

Tech innovator Yourkeys has partnered with MBU Capital, Dezrezlegal and case management platform provider, Convey Choice, to make history in the sale of new build homes. This partnership has accelerated the conveyancing process to regularly achieve exchange of contracts in just 7 days, for MBU’s new Park Place Development in Stevenage.  

Riccardo Dawson the CEO of Yourkeys stated; “Our solution does the heavy lift of document sourcing and aggregation and then integrates and connects the various technology solutions between all the stakeholders involved in the sale of new build homes.  This then provides a valuable service to conveyancers without them having to make one extra keystroke. Convey Choice recognised the enormous benefits for their conveyancer clients and were the fastest legal case management software provider to run a trial with Yourkeys.”

Justin Morris, CEO of Dezrezlegal stated; “Yourkeys has access to over 200+ different data sources and instantly delivers much of the early stage checks, searches, and personal data requests that typically take up valuable time.  It’s my opinion that this solution has provided great benefit to our conveyancers and represents genuine and much needed innovation within the industry.”

Renu Kiran, Managing Director, Convey Choice, said: “The first digitised transaction with MBU Capital, marks a massive step towards dramatically changing the way property is bought and sold. Following this, Yourkeys are set to bring the digitised conveyancing process to the second-hand market by Q2 2020.”

Peter Beard the Marketing Director of MBU Capital, stated: “Yourkeys have massively accelerated the time to reach exchange of contracts and this is revolutionary, not only for us but for the market in general. The problem with the sales process has always been that there are too many people involved with no oversight of what’s happening. Yourkeys stitches all the pieces together to give complete transparency without any additional work or input of information with the upside that it has helped to reduce the number of sales that fall through.  In a really dated market desperate for disruption, Yourkeys has finally delivered a 21st century solution.”


About Yourkeys –

Yourkeys was launched in 2019 by Riccardo Iannucci-Dawson & Craig Massey, to accelerate the property purchase process & make the entire journey better for everyone involved

Contact: Please direct press enquiries to Craig Massey (Yourkeys Co-Founder).

Email: Tel: 07917 88 76 76 / +44 (0) 20 8088 2300

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