Proptech Progress: Yourkeys in Housebuilder Magazine

Source: Housebuilder Magazine
Date: July/August 2020
Link: P44



Riccardo Iannucci-Dawson

Founder and Chief Executive Office


“We are creating a network to create a supply chain,
so our data layer updates everyone in the supply chain
in real time. Solicitors love it as they tend to get a
rubbish reservation agreement with little information,
then spend three weeks working on it and getting
chased every day.”
“Conveyancers are dealing with an average of 110
cases at any one time. Our plan is they will now only
need to look at the case once.”
While the pandemic has isolated many people
physically, PropTech is streamlining the business of
building homes and creating a living space. Both are
an unexpected benefit from the catastrophe wreaked
by the virus. hb

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