Take the chasing out of property sales progression

Yourkeys connects everyone in the transaction so you know where your sales are
in real-time

Yourkeys gives you two ways of tracking your sales progression

Tired of chasing for updates?

Live Case Tracking

Yourkeys is connected with a vast network of highly rated conveyancers & mortgage brokers. So if you want real-time sales progression updates as soon as they happen, instruct an integrated firm and their updates will pull back into Yourkeys instantly.

What if my conveyancer or broker isn’t integrated?

Control It Yourself

Tick off the progression milestones as the deal moves forward. We’ll update your clients every time you log an update so they are informed every step of the way!

Other helpful tools

Yourkeys provides you with all of the tools required to keep on top of your transaction and communicate with your stakeholders

Purchase details

Summary of key details relating to the plot purchase i.e. Purchase Price, Incentives, Plot specific information


All the details you need about the stakeholders involved in the transaction

Case notes

Create notes relating to the transaction that only you and your team members can see

Unit transfer

Buyer wants to switch plots? No problem - transfer all their details over to the new plot here

Document store

All files generated and uploaded for the purchase are categorised then stored here. Documents are subject to access rights and not all stakeholders will have access

Chain tracker

Here you can build the related chain for a purchase, including the status of the properties and the agent acting on behalf of it

Delay purchase

This will postpone the purchase of the property and the date of exchange. A notification will be sent to all stakeholders with the reason for the delay

Cancel purchase

This will terminate the purchase of the property. A notification will be sent to all stakeholders with the reason for this cancellation

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