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How it works

Why we're different

The Yourkeys
purchase journey

  • Track your purchase
    - start to finish
  • Notifications & updates at every stage
  • Communicate directly with all users involved 24/7
  • Totally free!
  • Completely jargon-free

The conventional
purchase journey

  • Stressful & complicated
  • Never know what has happened & when
  • Poor communication
  • Lots of hidden charges
  • Confusing language

What our buyers are saying

  • Using Yourkeys is awesome! I've bought a property before and it was a complete nightmare! This time it was so easy! I could easily communicate with everyone involved at the touch of a button and see clearly what was happening with my purchase. 5 stars!

    Jason Alexander Jason Alexander
  • We loved how much clarity and transparency Yourkeys gave us. We never knew there was so much involved in buying a property. Yourkeys made every step clear and helped us to understand what was happening.

    Fay Mcbride Fay Mcbride
  • Why has this never been done before?! It's so simple and easy to use. I can see where my purchase is at every stage and even though there was a delay with my mortgage the reason was made clear and we were at ease throughout!

    Jaimee Marin Jaimee Marin