Confidence, Convenience, Control.

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Confidence, Convenience, Control.

Why we're different

The Yourkeys
purchase journey

  • Track every purchase - start to finish with notifications and updates at every stage
  • 85% exchange within 21 days through automated task management and deadlines
  • Buyers automatically updated at every step
  • Communicate directly with all users 24/7

The conventional
purchase journey

  • Difficult to reconcile where sales are in the process timeline
  • Only 5% exchange in 28 days
  • Confused and unhappy buyers
  • Poor communication

How it works

Track progress

Never miss a trick again! Track the progress of every sale 'live'. No more chasing brokers, conveyancers or sales staff for updates. It's all automated. Easily see which deadlines are looming and be notified if something is at risk of slipping through the cracks.

See the big picture

Boost productivity by having complete oversight of all your developments at any time with lots of data and analytics too!

Collaborate with your team

Inviting your team is really easy. Once they’re in, assigning them to relevant developments is even easier. You can even invite your estate agents in too!


Never leave a voicemail again! Communicate effectively with all the other stakeholders in the process at the touch of a button. 

For everyone

Yourkeys is a tool for everyone in the buying/selling process. Whether you operate with a marketing suite or using an agent, Yourkeys will work for you! Just give access to your team and they can add new reservations directly into the platform so you can track every step.

Happy buyers

Buyers are fragile, and who can blame them when they're buying the most expensive thing they'll ever own! Using Yourkeys allows your buyers to be constantly updated as to what's happening in their purchase. Giving them complete transparency and putting them at ease, making the whole thing less stressful. Happy buyers, that's what you want, right?

The solicitors are here too!

Add your own conveyancers or use our list of approved professionals. The conveyancers all feed into their own Yourkeys dashboard, so you'll be updated every step of the way.

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We know what you're thinking, all these amazing features must be expensive. Well, we won't spoil the surprise but we bet its less than you think. Fill in the section below with how many units are in your development(s) to find out the monthly cost for using Yourkeys.

What our users are saying

  • For good reason, developers continue to focus on ways to improve the customer journey, to accelerate the conveyance process and reduce the number of reservations that fall through prior to completion. Buyers on the other hand are after greater transparency during the buying process, expecting a more precisely tracked experience, like that now associated with buying from Amazon or indeed getting an Uber. I believe that the Yourkeys Operating Hub is the first of its kind to resolve these issues.

    Neil Mansfield Neil Mansfield BNP Paribas Real Estate
  • The most pleasing aspect of Yourkeys is that all the complicated communication and admin is handled in one place with full visibility. This communication hub is what the industry has always needed, and we believe it will save us significant time and money.

    Alistair Britton Alistair Britton Shape Real Estate
  • One of the critical benefits of the Yourkeys platform, is that we’re able to offer our buyers much greater personalisation in choosing a range of upgrades, as they have fully digitised the process. Consequently, we’re offering a 75% greater choice and is one of the key differentiators for our business. Furthermore, at the click of a button, we can see the progress of all our sales and obtain a raft of useful data & analytics.

    Matt Thompson Matt Thompson Make Homes

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